The Reputation Chameleon

For those of you who recall my earlier entry discussing the Philips Design probe discussion (reLink), consider this a follow-on post.

I took the time to sit in on the Philips meeting and while I crashed out (twice) and lost my chat record, you can read it here: “Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Philips Design Probe – SKIN:Tattoo” (Link).

I hadn’t really intended to get too involved with the discussion, but… well, you know how it goes. And as I mentioned something I’ve not really discussed here, I figure I’ll point it out and include related links.
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Anderson and “Free”

Two or three weeks ago, after a rather long absence, I surfed aimlessly over to Chris “Long Tail” Anderson’s blog. As someone who was contemplating the same “Long Tail” potentials in the early part of the decade (and who shot emails containing a link to the original Wired article out to former co-workers exclaiming, “This is what I was talking about. Read this!”), I got tired of the repetitive entries being posted around the time his book was published and drifted away.
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Steelcase Talks Design Virtually


About a week ago I was lucky enough to get myself logged into Second Life to attend a question & answer session with representatives from Steelcase, the office furniture manufacturer. Unfortunately there won’t be an audio posted online, so I thought I’d post a couple of things I wrote down at the conclusion of the meeting and share them here; mostly for the benefit of any Industrial Designers that might surf through. But don’t quote me, eh? I went in assuming an audio file would be made available. So here goes:
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A Virtual World-Based PLM for the Fashion Industry

Now this is interesting. From the SLNN site (Link):

The Fashion Research Institute (FRI) in conjunction with IBM is developing a product lifecycle management solution for the fashion industry that specifically addresses the industry’s unique needs, cutting time to market. Designers will be able to access 3-D tools from within SL or Open Sim to create their fashion product. The 3-D models of the design can be shown in a virtual showroom. Everyone who has a share in the product will be available to review the design: product managers, designers, design directors, merchandizers, costers, executives, sales staff and show room managers. After the creative vision has been finalized, factory specifications are created that will enable the item to be manufactured in real life.

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