Peugeot Competition Going Transreal


Earlier in the week I was reading a forum post about the next Peugeot automotive design competition (an annual affair). Surfing to the competition website (Link) I was surprised to learn that it’s going transreal. Here’s the pitch:

P.L.E.A.S.E. innovate !

Re-invent the ‘Drive of Your Life’, Peugeot style:
• Discover a LIFE size version of the car at the Frankfurt 2007 Motor Show and
• Drive it in the XBOX 360 VIRTUAL world!

Having recently discussed the XBox 360 (reLink), reading the above announcement got me smiling. However, it’s a shame that, aside from working with a developer, it currently seems to take a high profile competition or some other major gateway to get something onto the XBox 360 platform. It’s also a shame they didn’t do this last year.

Last year’s winner, André Costa, had a design (shown above and on the competition site – Link) that certainly seems like it would fit into a near-future science fiction-themed gameworld. Then again maybe what we need is a Deathrace 2000-style vehicle for a new Grand Theft Auto (spinning sawblades or spikes on the front, kids?).

{Image Copyright © 2005 Peugeot}