An Absence of User-Generated Content

Rather than repeat previous observations (like this one – reLink), I’ll let this forum posting over on Map-Center (Link) – a once-thriving level development forum – speak for me:

I was looking at the list of maps on lvlworld waiting to be reviewed I couldnt help wondering what on earth is happening to the mapping scene. The maps there are in the main so poor that I couldnt be bothered to write reviews. Newbs need a chance to learn….no problem with that, I can remember being there. Obvious mistakes, mising textures etc. The difference these days is that there seems to be no experienced mapper producing anything.

What on earth is going on!

If the designers are there, what game are they designing for?

There still seem to be many experienced designers hanging about, both here and on Q3W….why are they not producing maps?

Will there be a sudden explosion of D3/Q4 mods and maps?

Come on guys….produce something!

For those banking on user-generated content to carry the load, you might want to go looking for incentives… and ways to ensure those incentives don’t get compromised. This stuff isn’t as easy as snapping a digital snapshot and posting it online.

{Take note of the archive links at the bottom of the lvlworld site. That’s a pretty serious drop since 2000. If there was a corresponding increase in other maps – Doom3 or Quake 4, for instance – it’d be easy to explain. But like this person, I’m not sure where they’ve gone.}