The AlphaZero ChickenGun


There’s not much I like more than enjoying someone’s creative effort when it’s personal and it’s genuine and it’s a little off the beaten path. When I first arrived in Second Life, it turns out I was fortunate enough to have acquired a talented programmer for a virtual neighbor, AlphaZero Sugar. I won’t talk about the real world work he does, even though it’s related to activities about which I’m particularly fond. Instead I’ll keep my comments to the creative effort he passed my way last night: the dreaded ChickenGun.

I’ll start by including a bit from the instructions:

Congratulations on your purchase of the latest in poultry based weapons systems!

The ChickenGun combines the natural aggression of the modern domesticated chicken with the high acceleration of an electromagnetic rail gun, mixed in with a bit of high explosives to create the deadliest, or perhaps just the most amusing, weapon in Second Life today.

Amusing? There’s nothing amusing about a BFG that shoots TNT-packing baby chick grenades that home in on and then track down their targets while peep-peeping. Imagine if Iraqi insurgents got wind of such a weapon. Check it out:

1. The AstroChick Grenade – A small baby chick with some TNT attached is lobbed toward your target. After landing or striking something, the baby chick begins scooting toward the first person it sees. When it gets close, the dynamite explodes. Kaboom!

2. The AstroChickn Bullet – A high velocity chicken is shot out at your intended target. After hitting something, it falls to the ground, scoots around dazed for a bit, then falls over dead. It’s a tough life for a chicken on the mean streets.

The horror. Even Colonel Walter E. Kurtz wouldn’t use this thing. And it will undoubtedly get the folks at PETA worked up. But if you feel a need to carry a weapon of fowl destruction like this, you can purchase one of these bad boys over on the SL Exchange (Link). In the meantime, I’m gonna scramble a few eggs.