Nuggets in the Michelin Competition


Few days back I caught a post on Core about the Michelin design competition. I hadn’t seen the 2006 results (Link) and so have just found some time and stopped by to get a quick glimpse. Wouldn’t you know it, the first one I look at is a skateboard chassis idea called “Nugget” by Christian Ebert. Figures.

There are some interesting concepts in the gallery, and like the person on Core who reminded me about the competition, I find them more interesting than the one’s I’ve been seeing out of the studios lately. Stuff like this definitely makes a case for design coming from the “crowds” (although the counter-argument that designers inside industry better understand limitations to production is hard to beat). I think there’s room for both.

{Image source: Michelin Challenge Design Gallery 2006 (not sure if Christian and others had to hand over their copyrights)}