Dassault’s Common 3D Environment

Here are some interesting clips from a recent press release by Dassault Systemes (Link):

…says Sanjay Parthasarathy, corporate vice president, Developer and Platform Evangelism Group at Microsoft. “With an enhanced user experience in a common 3D environment, 3D real-time collaboration in context, easy integration with the …

As part of DS’s commitment to 3D democratization and making PLM pervasive, the company has been working closely with Microsoft

DS’s ENOVIA 3D Live, the first 3D collaborative intelligence solution, exploits DS’s V5 SOA architecture for online applications. Via an intuitive user interface, ENOVIA 3D Live enables any individual to instantly search and navigate any PLM information, regardless of location, source or format. On demand 3D collaboration between users delivers unique breakthroughs for innovative PLM processes in all markets, connecting people anywhere on any device.

I have no idea what a “3D collaborative intelligence solution” is, but it sounds like Second Life to me. And SL is certainly garnering more widespread attention than their Enovia 3D application. In fact, what’s surprising is that I haven’t heard anything about Enovia 3D since its announcement last summer. So I went looking. This is what I found: a Enovia 3D Live video from DevCon 2006 (Link).

I only watched Bernard’s demonstration. I wasn’t thrilled.

via WorldCAD Access blog