Reality Shimmers

Okay, so while I was on Ad Age the other night, I caught a piece on Halo 3 (Link). It’s interesting. Has some numbers. A little commentary. But this is what got me wondering:

The “Halo 3” spot, half of which is live-action, will air between 9 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. EST and will be available on, Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft Soapbox and YouTube.

Take a look at that commercial and tell me if there’s anything live-action in it. I could be mistaken, but that all looks like CG to me (using motion-capture, of course). And before you discount what I’m suggesting, take a look at these amazing images from the CGTalk forums – Link. Still sure that the Halo 3 commercial isn’t all CG?

By the way, does this Halo 3 commercial remind anyone else of the cinematic intro to Quake 3 (Link)? First thing that came to my mind. Guess the hero diving into a horde of enemies is standard enough fair. Even so…