3D Feeds Yield Gibsonian Cyberspace

A couple of days ago while reading over that Dassault press release I mentioned earlier (reLink) I researched a few MSM articles and blog entries about the new Vista OS on which that press release so heavily depended. One of the more interesting things associated with it was the development of a system for feeding 3D over RSS. The first thing that came to my mind was Gibson’s vision of cyberspace – not avatars roaming virtual worlds but people using new interfaces for navigating data streams (I’ve previously mentioned this distintion between Gibson’s vision and the current avatar-inhabited virtual space most often associated with Stephenson’s “Snowcrash”… somewhere). What I neglected to do was visit the MS website to learn more. And so courtesy of 3pointD, I surfed over to see an image of what I was imagining. Right there on the MS website. Just what I was thinking. You might want to check it out yourself (Link).

They look just like little Borg cubes, don’t they?