Peugeot’s Top Ten for 360


Last September I felt rather alone in pointing out (reLink) that Peugeot’s 2007 Design Competition had a transreal component. Not only does the company usually make a full-size model of the winning entry to put on show, this time the winning design was to be heading for the XBox 360’s virtual roads. I’ve been aware of and interested in the competition since its inception, but that part was a welcome change from my biased perspective; anything to get designers to think across physical and virtual boundaries. Well, via C|Net’s Crave blog comes word (link) that Peugeot has posted the ten finalists. I like the one above, LiiON by Christian Sano, but there were a few others that made the choice somewhat difficult. Check them all out at the contest website (link – click on the logo to get that thing to load properly).

{Image source: Peugeot}