SOE Smedley For The Record

Caught an interesting blurb via Blue’s News: GamingSteve (dot com) posts news that Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley, in a forum keynote address confirms that the next Playstation will allow online microtransactions. That’s expected. But he also adds this:

Smedley then described a future where you could play an online game via your PSP, PS3, PC, and cell phone where you would be able to play the same game utilizing the same character on all platforms. The graphics and experience may be slightly different – for example, you would only be able to perform inventory management of your character on the cell phone version of the game while the PSP, PS3, and PC versions would play the same but have different graphic engines. However, it was important to note that these online games would not be separate games, they would all be the same game, using the same character, across different platforms, where you can play with the same people online. He also said we should expect to see this sort of gameplay within the next six months.

Persistence in game worlds for different platforms. Interesting news. And there’s more. Check out the full – if short – write up here.