Design: From Darlings to Despots

I’ve been keeping tabs on a couple of conversations. One, as indicated by the above video, is a discussion on the Core77 design forum (Link) centered around the association of a “design superstar”, Karim Rashid, with what is, in my opinion, an arguably defective product. The other is the disgust being vented on Treehugger (Link) and Inhabitat (Link) over a BusinessWeek “advertorial” by (Design) Continuum’s CEO, Gianfranco Zaccai, that uses P&G’s Swiffer as an example of a “green” product. From “innovation and design” hype to “we do Green, too” showboating. Here we go again.

All I have to say is that someone should get the Industrial Design profession some gauze, bandages and a pair of crutches for all the feet getting shot.