Croquet SDK 1.0 Released

It’s finally out of beta. Excellent news. From the Croquet News release (Link):

DURHAM, N.C. – March 27, 2007 – A nonprofit consortium of academic and corporate partners announced Tuesday the release of a free software tool kit for developers to use in creating 3-D “virtual environments.”

Croquet 3-D virtual environments can support live discussion among worldwide collaborators who come together in “real time” within a 3-D virtual space. They may view, manipulate and revise documents, dynamic visualizations or large amounts of data from sources such as laboratories or supercomputing centers.

The kit provides developers with a flexible tool to create virtual spaces with built-in networked telephony and a “late-binding object-oriented” programming language that allows multiple users to jointly create, animate or modify 3-D objects and dynamic simulations. Developers can also import and share resources, such as 2-D web applications or multimedia content, from their own systems. Working together across multiple locations, they can change simulations while they are running and work together to create new applications — all in real time.

The kit can be downloaded from the consortium’s website.

In related news (Link), the non-profit Croquet Consortium has been officially launched.

Things just got busy.