Wasteful and Enchanting

Metropolis photo of exhibit

Metropolis is carrying an interesting piece on an exhibition titled: ” Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture “. When I went to Japan a few years back to work on a project, I was surprised to find the topic of conversation – during my initial meeting with my Japanese design partner and a company sales rep – to be World War II. From what I heard and observed, the war still has a hold on many Japanese. I attribute that to a culture where the family is more tightly knit than what I see in the U.S.; we increasingly put our elderly in nursing homes, the Japanese children apparently care for them in a… how to say this without taking a position… more intimate and perhaps respectful way. That proximity might explain my initial, bewildering conversation. And this exhibit.

(note: image above from Metropolis credited to Sheldan Collins)