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Just a quick note regarding postus interruptus. Late last week I was approached with a request to do some point-of-purchase work; mostly taking some very rough concepts, generating Pro/E CAD from them, and exporting geometry into Maya in order to generate some low-level but presentable renderings (I also helped with design, but that wasn’t actually part of the arrangement).

Four concepts. Four days.


Yesterday, after 70+ hours, the work was effectively done. After which I mostly tried to unwire myself and get some sleep.

That explains the lack of updates to this blog.

Like most projects, I’m under an NDA and so can neither discuss the project itself nor (of course) show any images. The reason I mention it, however, is because at the time the project surfaced, I happened to be playing around with designing/coding Second Life vendors (i.e. virtual point-of-purchase kiosks).

I had a feeling there was an untapped potential in designing POP displays using tools like Second Life, Blink 3D or a multi-user Google Earth. I still have it. More than ever.