Personal Entry: Pre-Alpha 00

While reading something yesterday concerning marketing in virtual worlds I resisted the urge to comment. Last night and again early this morning, I further resisted the temptation to post something here regarding what I’d read. And I’m now resisting the urge to slip something in. I won’t.

The only thing I’m going to say is that my internalized exasperation and an upcoming meeting with an old acquaintance with whom I expect to discuss the topic, really got me thinking.

Consequently, in pseudo stream-of-consciousness style, I posted some entries on Twitter to help me retain some of what was going through my mind. It’s not intended to make sense to anyone but me, but because I don’t trust Twitter to retain those entries, I’m going to add them here.

  • Grid of grids. Reverse product placement. Grendel. Global warming. Freak wave. Social genetics. Narrative structure. Steampunk. Simulation.
  • The Accomplice. Peer-to-peer. WOM. Reputation. Fab-on-demand. Education. Branding. Religion. Nano-assembly. Avatar portability. Legalities.
  • New Rose Hotel. Networks. Freakonomics. Goth fashion. Everyware. Regrind. ecoToroid. Uncanny valley. Imperialism. (D)esign. Diamond Age.
  • Niche markets. Synthetic organisms. Apple fanatics. Synchronicity. Outback. Carbon footprints. Information dissemination. Security. Relic.
  • CATIA SubD’s. Shenzhen. Minority Report. Pre-print-on-demand. Virtual history. Bottom-up product development. Swamp surfing. Tachyons.
  • Gate crashers. Augmented reality overlays. Control. Sample clan paparazzi. Liquid armor. Termites. Online advertising. Social skin. B-Indy.
  • Packet networks. Goreans. Photosynth. Wii. Fab Labs. LittleBigPlanet. Flat Earth. Bragg vs. Linden Lab. Disassembled. Open Courseware.
  • Dark City. Reactable. Sachiko Kodama. Dexter. Cavitating projectiles. Threadless. Blackmarket organs. Sam3D. Indian silks. OLPC. Convergence.
  • Etsy. Bina Akhter. Micro-finance. Wind- and wave-power. Kirkyan. $1.00/day. Simplify tooling and add labor. Water purification systems. …
  • Reviewing the above items, I’m realizing I’ve neglected some music-related entries. That’s embarrassing considering how important music is to my thinking on these issues. So here are a few related things:

  • Die Warzau. Machina II. R.E.M. Wax cylinders. Dvorák. New Orleans. Moby. Void Rock. Bowie. Monophona. Voice Recognition Test. 37 Cycles.
  • HMV HK. Peter Murphy. The Coca-Cola Kid. Frippertronics. Karma to Burn. 2112. Guitar Hero. Derek Hess. Recoil. Jane Siberry.
  • Good enough. 22 Aug 2007 – Have decided to update as necessary, so here’s more.

  • Clay tablets. Floria Sigismondi. The Odessa Steps. Warlock cycle. John Latham. stuck in the moment. Clock of the Long Now. A Day in the Life
  • Multi-level narratives. William Blake. Oral tradition. 9th Wonders. Ancestor mesh. Brothers Grimm. Spoken word. Gilgamesh. Lydia Lunch. type
  • Zeiture. Cynosure. Echo of a point in time. Six-String Samurai. reVerb. Heilman. anti-viral media. Dead Man. Alternate timelines. Adi Newton
  • 15 Sep 2007

  • Volumetric futures. Calm technology. Greenspan “Turbulence”. Vehicular awareness. Pasta-fuel. Blue Sweater of Death. (un)Brand Clan. Euclid
  • 17 Oct 2007

  • Optical computing. Nash the Slash. Future spoilers. VanityRing. Other People’s Money. Psychophysicists. Nitzer Ebb Produkt. Pat# 20070185697.
  • 27 Oct 2007

  • Esperanto legends. conlang. 101. Reed Sea.”he don’t shiv”. Jabberwocky. diachronic linguistics. tlhIngan Hol. Catcher in the Rye. Tolkien.
  • 06 Dec 2007

  • Roger Dean. reputation chameleon. Elephants Dream. circular entertainment. Zoetrope. Karmasphere. A Swarm of Angels. Guncopter. fishpaint.
  • tortured Pleo. exquisite corpse av. Scarcity of Imagination. Dakota hadrosaur. artificial infrastructure. Retreat Pods. microgenerators.
  • 11 Dec 2007

  • Léon. Resident Evil. domestication of biotechnology. Truthseeker. (S)piders. age-verification. Tommy Thompson. CSI:SL. Breakfast in Vegas.
  • 14 Dec 2007

  • Bleach. termination shock. Ventner. Culturati Caucus. metaphysical splatterfilm. ice streams. Caracas. paleovirology. Immortel.
  • 31 Dec 2007

  • RightsAgent. Transit. reptat. hyperfake. Protargol. post-convergent medium. AutoReivs. the Manipulated Dead. mike 6. HLM. rubedo.
  • 6 thoughts on “Personal Entry: Pre-Alpha 00

    1. You’re the second person to make reference to haiku. I’m just glad I may have found a use for Twitter.

    2. I’m culling my blog subscriptions and unsubscribing from Second Life and metaverse blogs left, right and centre at the moment, but after this post yours will certainly stay in my RSS reader! :-)

      That article about marketing in virtual worlds that you are resisting the temptation to talk about… it wouldn’t be this one, would it?

      Virtual marketers have second thoughts about Second Life – Los Angeles Times –

    3. Oh lord.
      Well thanks a bloody lot – I’ve got tons of work, deadlines and all – and you just melted my brain.
      I will need a month on a deserted island to cool down again :)

      Sheer brilliance my friend.

    4. @Sean – It was actually the GigaOM rebuttal of the LA Times piece; or rather some of the comments on that rebuttal and over on Slashdot (not that I agree with everything Au says, but most comments I’ve read are simply worthless). Add in the Time article and it seems a waste of time to discuss this anymore.

      @Stefan – This really was personal. I’m a little surprised to see it generate any interest, though glad it struck a chord.

    5. btw, for those interested, some words aren’t as obvious as they might appear. For example, by “Grendel”, I’m not referring to the beast in Beowulf but rather to Matt Wagner’s non-character character.

      And “37 Cycles” has deeper meaning for me than what people will find online (fwiw, I worked on a project called “SonicWeb” and some of what I learned in research is what’s on my mind).

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