Chains of (Video) Events

As I’m a bit occupied to post much on each, I thought I’d post some quick hits to related video topics.

Pay-Per-Virtual Video Patent

The Second Life blogs are heating up over this one: the apparent filing of a patent over some currently unspecified method for providing Pay-Per-View video inside a virtual world. I caught it first on Twitter, but after having read the most relevant sites, will settle in on Virtually Blind (Link) to follow the action.

Revver’s Video Ad Rolls

Mashable carried an entry yesterday (Link) alerting readers to some changes in Revver’s ad revenue sharing system. I like Revver and wish they could somehow find a profitable niche so they don’t go under. Even if that doesn’t happen though, the kinds of things they’re doing to attract users will hopefully find their way to heavyweights like YouTube… which still, even though they announced it months ago, doesn’t have a worthwhile ad revenue sharing model.

YouTube’s Minor Crackdown

Speaking of YouTube, there’s been some community uproar over some recent enforcement of confusing Terms of Service guidelines. Apparently there’s some policy regarding parental supervision and kids. Funny thing is, one video response (Link) makes it clear that the kids don’t really care about accounts being closed; in this case, it’s the parent freaking out. This is either an indication of Reverse Attention Deficit Disorder syndrome, or that the parent is hoping to monetize his subscriber base at some point.

Machinima Van Gogh

The latest machinima to break out of its community has graduated to boing boing. Yesterday when I posted my comment on YouTube, there were something like 200 views. Now that the video is spreading across the net, I’m wondering what the views combined with Revver’s ad revenue model might have netted the machinimist. It’s a nice piece, so contribute to the count (Link).

Along Comes Lulu

Not exactly video, but close enough. Another post on Mashable yesterday (Link) mentions an interesting development over on, the print-on-demand service. Seems that web widgets and a slideshow tool called Imageloop are being incorporated. That’s an especially interesting development considering Lulu has moved beyond paper products.

Okay, so how about a little convergence, eh?

Kid-friendly machinima + Revver’s ad revenue model + YouTube traffic + Social PPV virtual cinema + fab/burn-on-demand DVD’s (and more).

I don’t know about anyone else, but I continue to see increasing examples of overlapping, reinforcing Long Tails.