3D Printing Gaining Mindshare

There hasn’t been anything particularly noteworthy in the 3D printing/rapid manufacturing arena lately, except for the fact that the technology itself is getting increasing exposure. Here are a few stories I happened to bookmark and which some of you might enjoy… assuming you missed them:

  • C|Net, “Trends 2008: Will 3D printing finally go mainstream?” (Link)
  • Wall Street Journal, “How 3-D Printing Figures To Turn Web Worlds Real” (Link)
  • Core77, “JuJups 3D design and print portal” (Link)
  • I’m not sure 3D printing and fabbing will break out in 2008, but I’m hopeful it’ll make some important strides.

    2 thoughts on “3D Printing Gaining Mindshare

    1. I beg to differ – there are things going on almost daily as can be seen in my 3D Printing blog, Fabbaloo. Granted, many of them are certainly not earthshaking, but there are definitely developments underway, particularly in the mid-range 3D printer market (e.g. Objet’s multi-material printer). Also, there are increasingly numerous introductory blog posts about 3D printing, especially regarding the inexpensive DesktopFactory device that is supposedly coming out soon. 2008 as a breakout year? Probably not, but it’s going to get a lot closer to reality faster than many people think.

    2. Of course there are improvements underway. I’d expect nothing less from an evolving industry. However, as I said, nothing of late has been particularly noteworthy (i.e. “earthshaking”). {Covered}

      And the “numerous introductory blog posts” fall under the general headline: “gaining mindshare”. {Covered}

      As to the Desktop Factory, I mentioned that last February (reLink); about eight months before you registered that site and started blogging. When it ships, that will be noteworthy. It hasn’t. {And covered}

      So rather than disagreeing, we actually agree.

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