Blog In Game

There’s been alot of “blog talk” the last week or so. BusinessWeek had a big article on it… there were comments and discussions about that… then there was some NYTimes article by Adam Cohen on it yesterday I guess (maybe spurred by the BW thing), that got other people like Chris Anderson over on the Long Tail site talking. I rather liked Anderson’s comment: “The first rule of the blogosphere…is not to generalize about the blogosphere.” Seems that should apply to a lot of things.

Well, after all that (most of which I simply stepped cautiously around), I came upon this entry over on the MIT Technology Review site via the MIT AdLab site about the advertising potential of in-game blogging. It’s not all that amazing an article, but it did remind me that “non-gamish” virtual worlds like Second Life have already embraced this kind of stuff (there’s now an in-world internet of sorts so there should be real blogs popping up any day). Second Life even has a paid in-world journalist who posts entries online on his New World Notes site – and some of what is written is decidely not “game” material. Surprising that Second Life and perhaps other sims weren’t included in that article… almost as if someone else out there doesn’t quite consider them Games. I wonder if, when MMORPGs start churning out real advertising deals and XBox2 players start earning real cash using Microsoft’s virtual business tools, if those too will look less like games and more like regular businesses.