The Wizard’s Toys

Screenshot from Wizard of Funk

To be honest, I don’t pay as much attention to Sony’s Eyetoy as I probably should. Not that new interfaces aren’t interesting. They certainly are. It’s just that I’ve been waiting for that Power Glove-VR Goggle style 3D interface the title character from the movie Johnny Mnemonic whips out to retrieve data from a hotel fax machine(!) in Beijing. Guess I’ve been blinded, so to speak. Anyway, although it’s not a major product hit afaik (edit – at over 5 million sold according to reports, I guess it’s doing pretty good), it does seem like the Eyetoy is carving a nice niche for itself. Case in point is this entry over on Gamesblog:

Despite the proliferation of rap, guns and cars there were a few examples of gaming innovation tucked away in the darker corners of the E3 show-floor. One of these was Wizard of Funk, the world’s first, get this, EyeToy RPG.

Maybe I need to go back and listen to Eyetoy creator Richard Mark’s 2004 talk at Accelerating Change. The SLFuture Salon has a blog entry with links, so if you want to catch it, here’s that entry.