Is “Lost” An Alternate Reality Game?

Early on I was thinking that the premise behind the popular television show “Lost” was that the survivors were in Purgatory. I guess enough people came to that conclusion that the show’s creators openly discounted the theory. Since then I’ve been in a conspiracy-theorist frame of mind thinking that maybe they’ve been drugged enroute to the U.S. and some diabolical government agency has them hooked into a hyper-real virtual simulation to toy with their minds. Very “X-Files“. But then, after watching the season finale last night it hit me: maybe “Lost” is actually an ARG of some sort, or an MMORPG. It could really be nothing more than a documentary of a group of players engaged in a game not unlike Majestic.

Imagine if you, the viewer, stumbled upon a group of people on an island (or maybe a virtual island) acting out their “roles” (as these RL actors are doing), witnessed inexplicable events occur, and heard/saw things you couldn’t explain. Sure sounds like the viewer might be the uninformed outsider in an ARG/MMORPG game world. And the “Others” are perhaps NPC’s against which the actors/clan/team is competing. Heck, maybe the French lady is an NPC (non-player character).

If that’s not the explanation, I’ll be a little bummed because I can only imagine how most people might feel if they’re told something along the lines: “This show is about the future of online gaming and virtual worlds”. The word “mindbending” comes to mind now as it did in an earlier post of mine.

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