For Grasshoppers Only

When I posted this entry on Axe Deodorant’s ingame ad, I didn’t realize just how close to the truth my joke might be. And now via Blue’s News comes word of Axe’s adult-oriented “Mojo Master” videogame. This is just too funny in a really lame kinda way. From the Mojo Master videogame website:

Many faces have been slapped, many drinks dumped on heads, and many relationships ruined in the name of MOJO MASTER – the fantasy game of seduction. Countless hours have been logged observing social encounters between guys and girls, attempting to better understand the female species, and determining what makes a playa a playa.

Who writes this drivel? I can’t help but picture some creepy unkempt character holed up in some dank cellar (ala Gary Larsen‘s Far Side) freelancing this stuff out. Worse yet, it might just work.