CG Architect Competition Progresses

This is one of those I-wish-I-had-more-time laments. I’ve been meaning to get over to CG Architect to really check out all the competitive goodness that’s been going on over there lately, but just haven’t found the time. My bad. Don’t make the same mistake; there is some very nice work being shown. I’ve seen some of the entries (and not just on CGArch) and fully intend to take some time in the next week to just go through all the work that’s been submitted so far.

That said, CG Architect has just announced the winners of Challenge #4 in their 2005 Architectural Visualization Competition and has updated their rankings page. In case you missed it, here’s the deal:

This is the first competition of its kind in the Architectural Visualization industry and for that matter the first competition of its kind in the CG industry. Through a series of challenges and qualifying competitions, spanning the next six months, competitors will stretch their imaginations and skills to demonstrate their prowess in the art of architectural illustration and animation.

There’s some inspirational work being shown, so head over if you have some time and want to be impressed with some quality computer graphic visualization.