White Biotechnology

nullBusinessWeek online today posted an article that is less breakthrough news than rehash – but worthwhile rehash none-the-less. Have to give Wired credit, they appear to have been one of the first to break the story (last Sept) of happy little bacteria munching through mounds of toxic styrene waste and …. how should i say this? …. pooping out biodegradeable plastics. There’s even a good chance we can dial in the kind of output we want. A variation of “you are what you eat” I guess.

This gets me to thinking: since we’re all just “human-bacteria hybrids“, maybe we should try enlisting some couch potato types for a little experimentation. Heck, I bet we can get the toilet designers to customize their rigs for this endeavor. I smell opportunity.

3 thoughts on “White Biotechnology

  1. I really should have referenced the earlier “EBM” entry when I said that. The line between accessorizing our bodies with electronic devices to using those devices to create product (e.g. a Gibsonian future filled with young adults aspiring to replace their real eyes with artificial eyes in order to become entertainers) is pretty thin imo. With people now selling their bodies as billboards, it seems naive to believe people won’t do this. Anything for a buck.

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