Imagination Unprovoked

Car Design News has posted news from the Center for Creative Studies regarding student projects done in collaboration with the American Iron and Steel Institute. As odd as it might seem, I could imagine some really creative work springing from a sincere re-evaluation of these traditional materials (which haven’t exactly been getting great press for the last couple decades). Unfortunately there are only three concepts shown, and those didn’t seem particularly impressive from the descriptions provided. Truth is, the write up flat-out made me wince (e.g. “Aside from the peripheral criteria, it is the ‘extreme’ theme that sticks, the brief satisfyingly encouraging students to really provoke with their imaginations” – uh, right). I don’t know what’s happened over there; CDN used to be such a dependable site. But I guess you take what you can get. So look at the pictures and maybe do some surfing elsewhere for more information. I know I will.