Press “Repeat”

I’ll start by saying I enjoy the writing of both Bruce Sterling and Bruce Nussbaum, but lately they’re both sounding like broken records to me. Mr. Nussbaum because his latest “ID is back” articles (here and here) are basically repeats of articles he wrote for BusinessWeek magazine in 1988 and 1993. Of course, I still like what he writes. But I’m not in a position to steer a corporation according to his observations, and suspect those who are in a position don’t make the time to read pro-ID articles. So it somehow reminds me of the boy who cried wolf, and I wonder if others don’t feel the same.

With regard to Mr. Sterling, I’ve just read his “The Sham Economy” over on Wired and thought,”I’ve read this already.” Truth is I probably read a blog entry of his covering the exact same material a month ago. And while it’s an informative piece, it’s ultimately disappointing. Should it be? I’m unsure. Perhaps I’m expecting too much. In the Internet Age, I probably expect a new piece of writing to provide new revelations. And I guess I shouldn’t.

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