Backdoor Content Channels

Yesterday evening a Second Life acquaintaince casually mentioned that they’d just come from a virtual movie theater playing the recently released-to-DVD “War of the Worlds“. This person also mentioned how their spouse was amazed. I’m not entirely sure why. They’d previously seen a pr0n flick in SL. Maybe pr0n is so ubiquitous on the net no one gives it a second thought. In any event, it once again reminded me of the inherent power for a virtual world to distribute content. There are plenty of virtual radio stations, movie theaters, and nightclubs with live streaming music and audience interaction. There are even virtual books which can only be read inside the virtual space. It’s like the virtual world gateway is a form of DRM system.

Well, via Blue’s News comes word of a new racing game that appears to be partially based on leveraging videogames as distribution conduits. From the Mythopoea Games website:

Phoenix Racing will offer three different user options. … ALL users will be able to hear special music from Jamie Hunerdosse, Eric Hand, and other musicians, plus each user will be able add custom music to the game.

DRM software as videogame. Makes sense to me.