Virtual Worlds Just Got Alot More Real…. Maybe

Things move fast. It wasn’t but a day or two ago I posted news over on Core about the arrival of the first commercial PPU (Physics Processing Unit) – a pc add-on card that slotted into a PC in the same way as a common GPU (Graphics Processing Units; aka your videocard). Now comes news courtesy of of a ground-breaking physics middleware solution (aka pre-packaged code developers can “plug” into their simulations) from Swedish developer Meqon. The capabilities are the stuff of dreams; like objects fracturing in real-time without pre-scored “fault lines”. Awesome. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

The only problem I see so far is Meqon’s relationship with the king of vaporware: 3D Realms and their Duke Nukem Forever videogame. Waiting Forever is more like it. Hope that isn’t the case with this physics package.