Motorcity Europe Connecting

Another one lost to my host’s hardware problems. I recall this one pretty well so here’s a basic rehash.

BusinessWeek is carrying a surprisingly good article originating from Car Design News (if you recall, I noted that some recent entries seemed not to be up to their usual high quality; glad that might not be the case after all). The article (link) features design firm Motorcity Europe and has an accompanying slideshow (link). I’ll post a small piece of the article here:

With an international base of talent, a high proportion of value creation done digitally, and a network of associate organizations and individuals with specific capabilities, Motorcity Europe is perhaps the pioneer of this type of new leaner, fitter 21st century independent design studio.

Gives you some idea of where I’m coming from when I say my favorite images in the slideshow are the page of rough sketches and the Alias surfacing for the Galaxy headlamps.