What’s the Title, Kenneth?

As already mentioned, my host lost yesterday’s blog entries and so I’m re-entering them. I believe this is the last one, but I forgot the headline, it was a bit longer than the others and I don’t recall specifically what I said. And it’s not really all that important of course, so I’ll cut to the chase with something brief.


The lost post included this entry from We Make Money Not Art about a “Chameleon-Object” designed/fabricated by Janek Jonas (see above image) and this comment I made over on a Clickable Culture entry:

There are things I can code into objects that simply cannot happen to real objects. As gaming becomes increasingly immersive, that unreality becomes significant (it’s a little like some new videogame characters that give people the creeps similarly to how the movie “Polar Express” creeped out people).

I’ve started playing with scripting to do things that fall into this. Not over-the-top stuff that people immediately recognize as unreal; subtle things that make you blink. It’s a fun area.

It also included me recognizing I’d stuck my foot in my mouth and being backed up into the one thing I know we can’t do right now in real world product design: llDie().

{Image Copyright © 2004 Janek Jonas}