Virtual Hurdling for the Truth

I’ve almost given up posting comments over on Bruce Nussbaum’s BusinessWeek blog (Link). It’s uniquely irritating to spend time writing a response only to find that one’s IP happens to be on the flavor-of-the-month ban list. Not that I don’t understand why they’re occasionally blocking a range of IP’s; everyone has blogspam issues. I just don’t care… because everyone has blogspam issues.

Since I’m already having my entries checked (they don’t post automatically; one has to wait a day or so), it’s the extra layer that makes no sense to me. If they’re going to use IP roadblocks, then as far as I’m concerned they should make it so the comments post immediately. If they’re going to hold the comments for approval, then they should do away with the roadblocks. Blogging isn’t easy in this regard. I and others understand that. But for some of us, if it’s not the blogspam or trackspam spam, it’s also the script-kiddies (just take a look at a few of my “Admin Notes” posts). Something tells me BW bloggers don’t have to worry about them… although they also miss out on watching the script-diaper-kiddies trying to figure out how to link the code they found online to the target site (sometimes it’s laughably obvious they’re not too bright, like the one’s I have today).

So anyway, my latest virtual hurdle? – Getting an OLD comment to finally post on that blog. I almost didn’t bother and tbh, I’m not sure that I will in the future. Here’s a Link to his post, “The true truth about design in China” (which isn’t so true, imo). Maybe some of you will think it was worth my time to point out the things that I did. Maybe not. But at least I got on the track. Moses would be proud.

(P.S. I’ve added some bold and tweaked this post a couple of times. I notice that the Trackback hasn’t pinged. Let’s see if we get multiple trackback entries on that thing with each Saved edit.)

2 thoughts on “Virtual Hurdling for the Truth

  1. Sorry, sorry. I’ve spoken to the tech folks and I’m working on
    this. If you email me directly, I’ll shift it over and run it.
    This is an important conversation and I’ll do what needs to
    be done to keep it going.

  2. Very much appreciated. I’ll trust you to keep trying on your end, and trust that I’ll be patient. I agree, conversations which only ten years ago seemed mostly applicable to a smaller audience have become much more important for everyone.

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