DIY Gender SWITCH *Update*

Via Wonderland comes further evidence that the DIY revolution is in full swing. Introducing “SWITCH” (Link), a television program targeting females and which is, in its own words, “a Do It Yourself show where we create fun and fashionable items with electronics“. Cool. But I guess that excludes potato guns. Or for that matter anything to do with magnets. Having caught Bravo’s fashion unreality tv show, Project Runway, over the holidays (file under: Guilty Pleasure), SWITCH’s guest star, Diana Eng, is familiar to me. Anyone who designs female fashions with repelling magnetic clasps has my attention. Let the happy accidents commence! It’s sure better than an exploding potato gun.

{Interesting and a bit odd to see this story gain traction (e.g. Link). It’s almost as if the world’s never heard of Marie Curie or Grace Hopper.}