Linking In

Well, I’ve tried to stay mostly outside the social spaces that are forming online everywhere because a) I wanted to stay objective as I watch them develop and b) I wanted to pick the right one (or two) so that I avoided duplicity. If people reading this are like me, they have far too many email accounts with which to deal. The explosion in these mostly-cloistered networks (sounds like a contradiction in terms) seems like another potential “account juggling act” in the making; I’m visualizing all these networks as outdated spaghetti code. Not good. However the first enticement was a combination of an old invite from CBC columnist and friend Sue Braiden and a recent, irresistable topic thread over on Those two together finally got me to finally join the network late last week. And now, having received an invitation from long-time design accomplice and fellow alum Anthony DeMore to join his online network at LinkedIn, I succumbed.

Maybe this isn’t a bad thing. Might be time to see how things operate from the inside. Now where’s the fire alarm (just joking).