Koster Posting on VW Commerce *Update*

Just wanted to make mention of Raph Koster’s heavily-trafficked blog where he’s posted an entry (Link) pointing back to my earlier post outlining a potential future for global commerce (actually, my entry is about the future convergence of virtual and real world commerce). I suspect there might be a few interesting comments posted there, so I’ll not link to my entry in the hopes you’ll come across someone else’s thoughts which spark new ideas/questions/concerns on your end. Enjoy.

{Update: Via Wonderland (Link):

MSN Spaces has just integrated some new modules that can pull in data from their Xbox Live stats: both your gamercard and your recently-played lists can update to your MSN Space (if you have one).

To continue the thought I started with the comment I posted over there: … let the data implosion begin.}

{NOTE: for VW Golf forum, my apologies:

“VW” = virtual world
“commerce” = $$$
“Koster” = name

Internet translation is bad. Wish I could help. Kindest regards.}