BK Giveth, VMK Taketh Away

It’s interesting to see how corporations are dealing with increasing consumer control. In the few cases I’ve noticed, they seem to be operating through a second party; a “buffer”. Whether that’s for legitimate reasons of outsourcing expertise, or clandestine reasons of outsourcing blame, I’m unsure. Perhaps that will become more clear as I pay more attention.

Anyway, to get caught up, read an earlier entry of mine on Burger King (Link) which is, for all intensive purposes and strictly in my opinion, apparently letting the crazies loose and perhaps even encouraging the creation of BK-branded pseudo-porn to help market their *gag* product (it’s hard to tell what they’re really doing since – as mentioned – they appear to have an outsourced “buffer”… I believe).

And to see why I’m mentioning this all now, go read my earlier post(s) on Disney (Link) and then read about the “hide or otherwise remove” letter from what appears to be – in my opinion – the 800-lb corporate gorilla’s lapmonkey making overtures of pending actions to control their master’s corporate image over on Water Cooler Games (Link).

Appears as if the fireworks have begun, folks. Keep an eye out for Tinkerbell… she might (I said MIGHT) now be sporting leather bondage gear and spikes. O.o, where do I sign up? {This is a joke, boys. Calm down.}

{Note to corporate legal beagles, I’ve italicized areas in this post which I hope will satisfy you; please don’t send me letters and please don’t sue me.}

{Note to readers, if I suddenly disappear from the face of the earth, please call Agent Jack Bauer … oh wait … the car companies pwn him. Damn. I’m screwed.}

via Clickable Culture {blame him, guys!}