Will Davos Make A Drop?

There’s an excellent article over on BusinessWeek online penned by Bruce Nussbaum. For those of you who’ve read some of my comments here and on his blog entries, you know I give him no quarter. As someone effectively speaking for the Industrial Design community, I’m very keen to ensure that my opinion as a member of that community is voiced… especially when I find fault with the messenger’s blog entry.

So when I tell you to go read his article (Link), you know my nose isn’t turning brown. The real question now is: will what those CEO’s learned in Davos make a dent? Just look at the trouble Kodak is having trying to transition to the New World Economic and Technological Order (see BW’s story on them – Link). Okay, to be fair, they got off to a late start, but that really is part of the problem, isn’t it? Times aren’t just a-changing, they’re changing a-fast.

So, assuming those CEO’s did “get it”, will what they learned have any kind of ripple effect and spread to other companies in the world? I don’t know how many CEO’s were in Davos, but I suspect it was less than a drop in the bucket. All you can do I suppose is wait and see. Me? I’m too busy splashing in my own little pool, dreaming up corporation-killing ideas and posting them in the same ocean.