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I’d previously heard of Cohen Brothers Homes and read about how they were doing some interesting things, but I don’t recall ever seeing a video explaining their system. It’s not quite what I was thinking earlier (Link), but this is apparently underway as we speak. From the “How It Works” page of their website (Link):

This System allows full-size, mainstream homes or apartments to be built in a single on-site production facility utilizing high capacity hoisting, non-sequential building techniques and bulk material handling to streamline the production. The homes are completely finished in the production facility including finishes, appliances, lighting fixtures, etc. and they are subsequently transported across the site and permanently secured to their respective foundations. The utilities are then connected and the homes are ready for occupancy.

When the community is built-out, the on-site production facility can be taken down or converted to a community center, recreation building, or some other use.

For a much better sense of what they’re describing, watch the video on their site. The construction hub facility isn’t the organic, hive-like structure I was imagining, but then Ripley hasn’t even been born yet (*points to title of post*).

Thanks to Jerry P for the heads up.

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  1. Interesting article, Sven. I was pleasantly surprised to find this blog through WorldChanging. It could use a direct contact link though.

  2. Glad you did, Sean. Long time. Check your email.

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