Small Company, Big RP Ideas


One of the subjects that spins off of almost every discussion about rapid-prototyping/manufacturing is the possibility – likelihood – of people using these devices to create weapons. Imagine my surprise to see, while surfing through to the MTek Weapon Systems site (via Boing Boing and Defense Tech), a prominent link in the lower left corner of the page reading “Rapid Prototyping”.

That link took me to Product Development LLC (Link) which lists MTek as a partner (I was thinking it might actually be the same company). Heading back to the MTek site (Link) I learn that it’s actually a small, Indiana-based outfit located near them. I also read this:

Our vision is rapid design, development, and fielding of new forms of lightweight armor and weapons. By thinking “outside the box”, with new manufacturing techniques, and materials we have achieved results atypical of the industry standard.

Not exactly RP-custom, but they seem to be heading in that direction. If there’s an industry that’s ripe for this sort of development, I’d say this is the one.

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2 thoughts on “Small Company, Big RP Ideas

  1. what happens when some 16-year old can create a one-off untraceable .22 pistol?

    Interesting times ahead.

  2. What happens? The same thing that happens if they make an untraceable, modified potato gun: someone might get hurt. And to be honest, I suspect that just like most potato guns, it’s the kid trying to use it that will end up injured.

    Thing is, guns aren’t going away and neither is this technology. So maybe there’s another way to think about this. Maybe, when the production of a handgun or worse can happen in someone’s own neighborhood, people will actually give some serious thought to the overall issue and a truly worthwhile discussion will ensue. Right now I don’t see any real discussion taking place on this subject.

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