What Would You Do?


Here’s another Chuck Norris Fact: “When Chuck Norris’ reputation comes under heavy fire, he puts away his fists, pulls a bazooka from his hip pocket which he throws in the trash along with the pocket lint, hunts down the leeching scum and unleashes a single roundhouse kick.

Okay, maybe not in this case, because he’s defending his reputation by getting all tai chi on us – going with flow as it were – and responding by simply taking control by partnering up with Spreadshirt to let people design their t-shirts incorporating the now infamous “Chuck Norris Facts” (Link). There are probably a few corporations out there who could learn a few things from him (and I’m not talking martial arts here). I suspect the only reason for besieged companies to not do what he’s doing in this situation is that they don’t have faith in their own reputations or brand identities. They probably don’t have any sense of humor either.

via Boing Boing

{Image source: Spreadshirt.com}