The New First Responders

There’s an interesting entry over on BrandNoise (Link) discussing the online custom t-shirt business. It’s starts off by mentioning Spreadshirt, a name that might be familiar if you read my entry regarding Chuck Norris and his effort to regain control over his own brand (Link). It also mentions CafePress’s move to provide users with the option to create black t-shirts (I remember that issue from when I looked into their service some time ago; lots of people wanted black). But this is the part that caught my attention:

These sites need to be quick in their response to customers. Within hours of the recent Cheney incident, CafePress Shopkeepers had already uploaded the first designs expressing their views, and shoppers had already begun searching for Cheney/Shooting related products. By Monday morning 48 designs had been added to the CafePress Marketplace to create 714 unique new products.

This has me wondering how closely fab-on-demand 3D products will follow these once-unrelated markets.

I used to post on the “Speedmodeling” section of CGTalk. Perhaps I need to head back for a tune up.