Who’s Watching the Spimes?

Apparently Bruce Sterling, that’s who. And since he coined the term, I guess it’s appropriate.

I’ll admit to not having paid much attention to his blog lately (I can only take so much Bollywood intrigue) but last night I happened to surf through and noticed a series of “Spime Watch” entries. The most interesting to me were “Spime Watch III” and “Spime Watch VI” (the latter because I’d read Raph Koster’s comments earlier). And now SWIII been picked up by Boing Boing (Link).

If you’re interested in objects that are one rung below self-awareness, you might want to check out Sterling’s blog (Link). You might also want to read up because this is related to my recent posts on architecture (Link 1, Link 2) … which is actually being influenced by something else I’m following.