Real-to-Virtual Interaction

Via Blue’s News I surfed through a Gamedev post (Link) discussing a recent patent granted to Microsoft to a very cool little video (Link) showing what for all intensive purposes is a real-to-virtual interface. I’ve not seen this video before though it might have made the rounds earlier.

I’d post an image but it’s pretty dark and difficult to see what’s going on. It may take a few minutes to understand what they’re demonstrating, but it’s worth seeing if, like me, you might have missed it earlier.

One thought on “Real-to-Virtual Interaction

  1. Most cool. And another example of IP overlap. It’s the most advanced and responsive such system I’ve seen, but looks like a next generation Eye Toy or Reactrix software.

    But it is another blip of development leading towards that Star Wars chess battle game they play on the Millenium Falcon, which I think is most significant! :)

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