“A Pure Intellectual Palette” *Update*


For anyone who has read my posts discussing Second Life but doesn’t have any experience with it, there’s a video called “Glimpse Inside a Metaverse: The Virtual World of Second Life” available over on Google Video that might be of interest (Link). It’s a presentation given by CEO Philip Rosedale and CTO (iirc) Cory Ondrejka , is about an hour long and does a decent job of explaining what Second Life is about.

Also, Clickable Culture has compiled a list of some of the numbers cited. Worth checking out (Link).

{Update: Clickable Culture has updated information in the form of a table which includes both the information from this video and a recent ETech presentation. Nice. (Link)}

{Image source: Google Video}

5 thoughts on ““A Pure Intellectual Palette” *Update*

  1. How green the screen is really strikes me… it makes me wonder why we don’t have more verde waters. Cool cat av in the vid, the way those arms moved are hypnotic… anyone know who made that? Looks like a more cellshaded variant of some of the Pirate Kitties schtuff.

    It is amazing to me how many simulators there are now. I remember suggesting early on, a party at 1000!

  2. I hit the Contrast a bit which probably caused it to look a bit more green than it should.

    And yeah, I did like the cat av. The cell-shaded look is pretty cool; it’s grown on me … especially since seeing the screencaps for Seed.

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