Leveling Game Development

Next Generation shares some information from a report from researchers at Screen Digest (Link):

The report states that game companies will commission service providers in Eastern Europe and South Asia to help alleviate rising development costs associated with next generation games development.

There’s another, related opinion piece over on site. It starts off on a dire note (Link):

If you work in the game industry, and hold firm to the notion that your job is safe, you’re in for a nasty surprise. The days of empty cubicles could be upon us again…

That’s unfortunate to hear, but it’s this part that really got my attention:

It also does not help that the game industry is so far-flung. There are hotspots up the West Coast, Texas and in the North East, as well as in East Asia and Western Europe, but it’s not like so many industries which are identified by their location. This makes it difficult for people to flit from one job to another.

If there was any industry one might think could allow workers to telecommute it’s the videogame industry. I’ve never worked inside the industry, but I can’t imagine this is a hurdle that can’t be overcome. I’ll be watching for this to change. One way or another.