Trexi Bling


Sometimes I just need some visual stimulation. This custom toy fits the bill; part of Ultraman’s “Tin Robot” showing at the recent Trexi show in New York. I found this over on Vinyl Pulse (Link). Great site.

And for the branding people that stop in here from time to time, be sure to take a look at the “Case Study” examples over on the Trexi site.

{Image source: Vinyl Pulse}

2 thoughts on “Trexi Bling

  1. Best example imo of low-volume niche product; the 3D version of indy comix … which probably explains some of the cross-over.

    Be sure to check my older posts that link to some product development process stuff. I have most of the process figured out – some with the help of people over on the Core forum. I’m still missing one piece of the puzzle.

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