Modern Art Comes to Second Life

I just received word that the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will be licensing some of its work to be used within the Second Life virtual world. From a blog posting over on The Daily Graze (Link):

Today he was given the green light by both the SF MoMA and the New Media Consortium to act as curator for the first show at the Aho Museum and Gallery we are building in their Virtual Campus. This is officially licensed art from a selection of works in the Art as Experiment, Art as Experience and Making Sense of Modern Art collections.

This is great news in my opinion. In order for virtual spaces to be taken seriously by the general public, they really do need to take meatspace seriously as well; which – as most of you have probably figured out – means to me recognizing the legitimacy of intellectual property rights (even if it means living with some crappy laws for the time being).

I’ll have to try to stop in and take a look for myself. In the meantime, there’s a Flickr image set available which I’ll be checking. Stop by The Daily Graze for a link to the set and some other relevant sites.