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Posted on Tuesday 21 March 2006


If only every blog entry made me think, “Damn, look at that.” The above image is just one of several behind-the-scenes peeks at the effort that go into a custom-made toy. In a post over on Vinyl Pulse (Link), you get additional insight into the work of Japanese toy artist, Kazuhiko Ito (aka Itokin Park). From their entry:

For all of his works, from his earlier Rabbit Pilot to his most recent creation, Itokin Park meticulously hand designs, hand crafts, hand paints and hand assembles them all. His effort does not stop at just the toy. He also self-designs the box and the background that compliments his cuddly creatures.

This is the first in a series. Check out Vinyl Pulse to catch all the entries; part 2 is already up (Link).

{Image source: Vinyl Pulse}

    3/22/2006 | 10:01 am

    Itokin’s Robo Factory

    Quick update to my earlier post (reLink). In part 2 of Vinyl Pulse’s documentation covering the creation of Itokin Park’s “Robo” custom toy, some readers (including moi) asked some questions. Well, some of those have been answe…

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