Fruits of the Download Tree

Well, this comes as no surprise. In my ongoing attempts to explain to the “Free Everything” crowd that their position has undesirable consequences, I’ve urged them to give their attention and their business to the non-corporate entities; unsigned bands, indie filmmakers, niche product companies, aso.

What happens when you don’t? What happens when you try to screw The Man, not by diverting attention but by focusing attention on all the free goodies available online? This is what happens: Branded Bands.

From a post of this news over on PSFK (Link):

Advertising agencies in the UK are creating their own bands in order to sell brands. GUM@Saatchi (Saatchi & Saatchi’s brand content arm) have created an urban pop group from scratch in order to capture the youth market.

What did you guys think the suits were going to do? I guess now instead of songs like “Sunday Bloody Sunday” we can can expect songs about (insert product here).

Hey, hey, you’re the Monkees.

via TP Wire Service