Uni-Verse Binaries

Here’s one that slipped off the radar. A few months ago on the CGTalk forum I stumbled across mention of a modeler called Loq Airou associated with a VR system called Uni-Verse. I probably have a couple of forgotten links floating around, but I was reminded of these two, related applications by a post over on the Second Life forum.

Well, after posting a short comment I decided to go looking and sure enough, it’s the polymesh modeler I recall. More interesting however, is that the first binaries have been released (I suspect I saw the November CGTalk thread, noticed that I’d have to compile my own binaries, bookmarked a site and moved on). From the Uni-Verse website press release (PDF Link):

The first set of tools in the Uni-Verse project is now released at http://www.uni-verse.org/Downloads.58.0.html .

The project supported by the European Commission develops open source software based on the Verse protocol, which connects 3D graphics and audio applications over the Internet in real-time.

The most important software in this release is the Verse server and the native Verse 3D modeler Loq Airou. Included is also a simple rendering client, the Verse data inspection and manipulation tool Connector and an advanced scripting environment for Verse called Purple. Most tools are available in binary formats for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Maybe I’ll find some time to play with this. Maybe. I still want a feature-based, parametric modeler.