Transmedia Work of Gil Bruvel


While researching some rapid manufacturing options, I happened to notice an image on a site that piqued my interest. I learned that the piece was the work of Gil Bruvel, a sculptor employing 3D modeling software and metal fabbing machines to create limited-edition sculptures. Bruvel’s website (Link) from which the above image was taken has some interesting stuff – including plenty of background and even some QTVR imagery.

If you have any interest in this kind of transmedia work, it might be worth it to stop over and look around. The work won’t be for everyone, but the process might be worth the time.

{Image Copyright © Gil Bruvel}

2 thoughts on “Transmedia Work of Gil Bruvel

  1. That’s a mixed-media piece, but it seems that most of the work is laser sintered. The laser melted stuff is looking more interesting to me.

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