NY Auto Show Primitive


cardesignnews has some nice photo highlights and commentary from the 2005 NY Auto Show. Because the above picture is theirs, consider this an advertisement for them – it’s a great car site with consistently excellent reference images that’s well worth a regular visit if not getting a membership.

What I really like about the Scion here is that it’s so…. primitive…. as in 3D videogame or Second Life primitive. I’ve long believed early videogame aesthetics, which were severely limited in their visual quality by low polycounts, have had an increasing impact on industrial designers in the same way film design has impacted ID over the years (e.g. “Brazil“‘s retro-futurist look). A lot of older IDers don’t like these shapes, but if you’re a Quake fan, this stuff probably looks great to you too.

(above image Copyright © Car Design News Ltd)